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Kristen Stewart Pics [a sharing community]

kstewart pics
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pictures of Kristen Stewart

. . . .♥ kstewart pics
Welcome to kstewart_pics a community dedicated to bring you the best pictures of the rising talent Kristen Stewart.

. . . .♥ guidelines
÷ No bashing. If you joined us, you must at least like Kristen.
÷ Every pictures posted here must be of Kristen.
÷ Picspams are more than very welcome.
÷ Fake cuts are allowed.
÷ No hotlinking; your post will be deleted without warning if you do.
÷ When posting, only one MQ picture (or three thumbnails) before a cut, everything else must be under it.
÷ Use our existing tag list, for better search results.
÷ You can make requests here, but remember to tag correctly.
÷ And, have fun!

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